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Christmas at the Front
Pvt. William Swanson
2nd Platoon, C Company, 9th Marines, 3rd Division

The Battle for Bougainville, a long and bitter jungle campaign, is finally winding down, or so the rumors are saying. The latest hot scoop being the Army will relieve us in a few days. Beautiful news to put it mildly, and having just been on patrol, we figure we have it made and with a little luck, we should be able to ride it out.
Then, just as we had the thing all planned out... [read more]

Cpl. Dixon Porter
Machine Gunner, A Company,
21st Marines, 3rd Division

In 1943 when I was 15, it seemed to me that the war might be winding down, and I was scared to death that it would be over before I could kill someone. I had seen all those movies, Back to Bataan, Guadalcanal Diary, and those guys had so much fun killing people; I knew I just couldn’t pass that up. Also, I’m part Chinese and I was a real racist. I wanted desperately to get in there and kill somebody, especially Japanese. I knew that if I got into the Marines my chances would be increased because Marines all went to the South Pacific. [read more]